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As of May 1, 2005 products manufactured and marketed under the name Snaketan® and/or Trent Meyer will now be manufactured and marketed by Research Mannikins, Inc.

After 33 years in the taxidermy trade, Trent Meyer has decided to pursue other interests (i.e. camping, fishing, hunting, traveling, etc.) The owners and staff at Research Mannikins, Inc. are committed to maintaining the quality line of specialty products and the commitment to service that Snaketan® has represented for years.

Snaketan® manufactures and markets the Straight Cut™, TillieMeyer™ Mini Fleshing Machine, Tungsten Rod Honing Steel, Circular Currier Knives, Circular Knife Sharpener, Snaketan®, Antler & Horn Conditioner, Reptile Boot & Shoe Conditioner, and Reyem™ Saddle Soap & Leather Conditioner.

As always, you may purchase Snaketan® products from Research Mannikins or any taxidermy supply company that carries the Snaketan® product line. Please refer to the Snaketan® dealers page on this website for contact information.

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