Used and trusted by taxidermists since 1982. Snaketan® is a revolutionary product for tanning reptile skins. Snaketan® also deters bugs and can be used as a hypodermic injection fluid for soft tissue rehydration!

This amazing product will add more strength and stretch to snake skins. Snaketan® will also produce longer lasting skins that retain more true life color and feel more natural to the touch.

The process is finished within five to eight applications or soaked in a vat for six to 24 hours for most small to medium sized skins. This product is also effective when injected in soft tissue around eyes, nostrils, leg joints, and feet of birds as an insect deterrent.

Snaketan® uses a totally different approach to tanning reptile skins unlike that of any other product on the market, and it's easy to use! No creams, foams, salts, pickles, or oils! Tan skins individually or submerge them in a vat and reuse the existing solution. Simply drain the residue as it settles. This is unheard of in the tanning industry! Ingredients do not separate or deteriorate over time like regular tanning agents. The shelf life of Snaketan® is over 20 years with no separation of chemicals. Snaketan® instructions are available.

Reptile Boot and Shoe Conditioner
Reptile Boot and Shoe Conditioner keeps the reptile skin supple which is the key to extending the life of your foot wear. Cracking of the skin is a major problem. A reptile skin tends to dry out faster than traditional boot and shoe leather. When walking, the continued folding of the skin weakens the area. This stressed area results in a crack or tear in the skin. Applying boot and shoe conditioner reduces the stress on the skin by penetrating and depositing emollients deep into the skin, leaving it flexible and extending the life of your foot wear.

Generic and name brand boot and shoe conditioners on the market today are only surfacing agents. These conditioners are wax, cream and foam based that do not penetrate and do not treat the corium layer (inner section) of the skin. They only make the surface look nice.

Whether you own one pair of reptile skin boots, are engaging in the tanning and manufacturing of snake skin products, or perhaps you wish to resell Snaketan® to your customers, this is the only reptile tanning and reconditioning agent that penetrates and treats the inner body of the skin as well as the surface!

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